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TechVendors is an experienced and committed group of professional team, offering technology solutions, which includes conceiving, coordinating, and completing the implementation of a diverse range of projects, successfully with the latest technology tools –  both software and hardware.

We provide customised trainings for your project implementation team, without causing hindrance to your ongoing project works. Offered as both online and offline, we do support companies with live assistance as our technical support team members will be made available at onsite during different phases of projects as required. We create trained professionals who are project ready, eliminating on the job training efforts at the cost of your currently running projects.

Project Management Implementation

Data Analytics Tools & Solutions

Bricscad - Modern Alternative CAD

IT Infra & Traing Service

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We are a newgen firm for alternative software (CAD + Media) products and specialized hardware like Design, Graphics & Gaming Workstations and Laptops. Custom Made Workstations is the need of the time, as the users need what they want.


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Success never comes easy. And more so, when you are a global brand with a name to bank upon. Our secret for success lies in the satisfaction of our clients; especially when they feel valued by services we offer on the table