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Managed Office Space

A private working zone that is fully customised to all the specific needs of the clients.

  •  Private offices


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Shared office spaces that are available in multiple options of size and privacy.

  • Open dedicated Seats
  • Private Cabins
  • Assorted cabins


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This provides more of a virtual identity for companies.

  • Classic
  • Gold
  • Platinum


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Meetings & Conferences

These are small rooms that can accommodate a small team

  • Discussion rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Conference Room



About SpazeOne

The convenience and facilities of a professional work space without the hassle of maintenance and management of routine issues like housekeeping, security, tech support and more.
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Cost Effective
  • Address Value
  • Collaboration

Customise Your Office

SpazeOne has a presence across multiple cities in India. We design, manage and offer work spaces in a variety of options, in terms of location, space, facilities, budget and so on. Choose your ideal spaces by listing your priorities.


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SpazeOne Promise & Features


  • A client registered with Spaze One can avail work space from any of our multiple locations, with advance notice.
  • Clients also have the option to use Spaze One facility in a different city for meetings or discussion, with prior notice.


  • Clients have the option to scale up or scale down the work space requirement if needed, on a conditional basis.
  • Companies can request to expand their work zone or move to smaller work station packages within permissible norms.
  • They will still have access to all other facilities.

Address value

  • The space we work in always makes a difference to our mood, energy and productivity.
  • Big spaces, neat interiors, comfortable work stations, uninterrupted technology, recreational comforts and overall a good working environment always has a positive impact on employees.
  • Having a credible work address also leaves a good impact with brands.


  • Sharing work spaces with numerous other companies opens possibility of networking and collaborations with co-working brands.
  • SpazeOne also plans to organise celebrations, common programmes like fitness events, etc for all. This will create a sense of friendship and positive approach within the community.
  • Employee Engagement Programmes will be a regular feature that is sure to boost the enthusiasm and mood of the work space.
  • A Community Manager will be in charge to oversee these activities and ensure a healthy working atmosphere for all.

Cost Effective

  • The biggest advantage for every client is the budget saved on recurring expenses like security guard, overall space maintenance, cafeteria, etc, as these are common amenities provided along with the work zone.
  • Manpower, especially for cleaning & administration works, is a common resource. This saves time, effort and money.
  • While management responsibilities are cut down, companies still enjoy privacy and comfort of a dedicated work space.

Get More for Less

Build the Business Buzz

Get more than you bargained for! SpazeOne has collaborated with many premium service providers to give our clients great deals and great services, all for no extra cost. The SpazeOne experience will help to boost your business.

Eventful Experience!

Our aim is to build a work culture and a community that is not just about work. We aim to give equal importance to learning, growing and motivating our clients to think differently, build confidence and to open doors of entertainment. We will organise a variety of events all through the year as part of this. Enjoy the Experience!

What’s in your neighbourhood?

The offices are easily accessible by public transport as they are conveniently located near bus/metro stations. Easy access to eateries, multiplexes, shopping malls, fitness centres and more are an added plus. You will never be too far away from recreation, entertainment and food.

What’s New!

Click on to see the latest space listings we have to offer. Every facility has been categorised based on specific factors

Accessibility is a crucial factor to be considered while choosing
a perfect commercial office space.

Virtual Space

This provides more of a virtual identity for companies. In many cases, start ups and smaller ventures might be functioning out of home or small spaces. Such companies often need a formal address for correspondence and virtual space provides this. The companies can also avail facilities like meeting rooms, as and when required. Virtual space packages come in three options


₹ 999/Month

Business Address
Mail Forwarding


₹ 2,499/Month

 Business Address
Mail Forwarding
5 Days complimentary use of center


₹ 3,499/Month

Business Address
Mail Forwarding
10 Days complementary use of center

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